Project Highlight: American Rock Salt

“Something we need to focus on is that we’re the most modern salt mine in the world. With the new rail extension, we can get more salt to our remote stockpiles across New York and Pennsylvania, and we won’t fill up our stores as quickly and we won’t have to worry about laying people off.” – Joe Bucci Co-CEO and Vice Chairman of Operations at American Rock Salt

About the Company: American Rock Salt is is the largest operating salt mine in the United States with a capacity for producing up to 18,000 tons each day. Established in 1997, this underground salt mine is the only one built in the United States in the last 40 years. For more information visit

About the Project: In 2015 the company extended its current rail siding by 1,500 feet, allowing the correct ratio of product shipped to customers based on current sales. Extending the pads 3.1 acres will allow more storage capability as well as remove any safety issues for getting trucks off the main road. The Livingston County IDA provided assistance in the form of a sales tax exemption. The company is currently under a payment in lieu of tax agreement from the mine’s original construction.


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