Project Highlight: Once Again Nut Butter

“When the mainstream supermarkets say that they want our organic peanut butter, we want to be prepared to produce that volume,” said Bob Gelser, general manager and president. “We couldn’t do that with our existing facility.”

About the Company: Once Again Nut Butter was founded by Jeremy Thaler and Constance Potter in 1976. Production began in a small, 800 square foot space in their basement. In 1981, Once Again purchased and renovated a turn-of-the-century silk production facility in Nunda, New York, and converted it to nut butter production. Once Again Nut Butter is 100% employee-owned and was the first company to introduce organic-stabilized peanut butter. They now offer a variety of gourmet nut butters, most of which are vegan and organic. For more information visit

About the project: In 2016, Once Again Nut Butter opened its new 37,000 square foot plant near its headquarters and inside an existing plant in Nunda, Livingston County. The new plant will only house its peanut butter operations, allowing its other plant to focus on cashews, almonds, honey and other products. The Livingston County IDA provided assistance in the form of a payment in lieu of tax agreement, sales tax exemption, and mortgage recording exemption.


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