Project Highlight: Welford Industries

“There are a lot of quality-of-life pluses to this region.”  – James Garner, President

About the Company: Welford Industries is a small vegetation control company that started 30 years ago in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The company concentrates on various vegetation management and highway services — meaning anything from clearing roadsides and utility company rights of way of brush and growth to replacing damaged highway guardrails. Owner James Garner made the decision to relocate to Livingston County, NY and re-establish to service the same customer base including general contractors, DOT, Federal and local government agencies. For more information visit

About the project: In September of 2014 construction began for a 5,520 sq ft building for in Avon’s James M. Steele Industrial Park. An 11,600 sq ft tenant building was also constructed. The Livingston County IDA provided assistance in the form of a payment in lieu of tax agreement, sales tax exemption, and mortgage recording exemption.

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